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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • The images are top quality
  • The chats feel realistic and are immersive
  • Good memory, so you don’t need to repeat yourself


  • If you like the app, you’re looking at around 20 bucks a month to be able to send a good amount of messages, which is more expensive than similar sites
  • The voice chat isn’t great.



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: eHentai

eHentai is the hentai sister site of DreamGF. If you’ve been checking out AI chatbots and girlfriend apps, you would know that that means exceptionally high quality, from the image generation to the immersive chats and customization options. That’s precisely what you get, but all the chicks are hot and bangable anime ones. It gives you a fully interactive experience with voice chat and in-chat nudes. Everything is NSFW, so you can start chatting and sexting with your hentai girlfriend. You’ll be dropping your pants the second she drops her first nude.

The site looks beautiful. The way everything is laid out screams quality. There’s a simple color scheme that puts all your focus on the colorful chicks. There are good filters for different personalities and types, like catgirls, tsundere, derrieres, and maids. A great feature is the free trial. If you come back every day, you can get more free messages (starting at ten a day). Then,Β  you get an extra message daily, capping at 50 if you visit the site every day for 40 consecutive days. It’s an excellent way to get more out of the app without paying, and accessible to everyone.

Custom Hentai Girlfriends

You can make your own AI hentai girl in a couple of minutes. Once you make an account, you mix and match your girl’s appearance. Some tags let you customize their looks, like the size of their breast, ass, eye and hair color, hairstyle, clothes, and age. It has the same options you’d find on other AI girlfriend sites. Then, you get to pick their personality. I don’t know what the creators were on for thinking of a catgirl as a personality. It’s more like some classic anime tropes made into porn. It’s not as customizable as you can find elsewhere, and your choice affects the chats. Once you’ve done this, you can jump right into the best stuff.

eHentai gives you a free trial with the bonuses I already told you about for more messages. It’s a great way to get a feel for the site. Sure, your options are more limited, and you’ll probably need to return for a few days straight, but you get the gist of the content you’ll get. Make an informed decision from there. But I have to say if you’re after a companion, it’s one of the best choices you’ll find. The only thing that’s lacking is the quality of the voice messages. It’s the same with DreamGF; they need to put more work into it, but depending on when you hear this review, that could change. They’re constantly adding new features and tools to the site.

Start Sexting with your AI Girlfriend

While chatting with your new girlfriend, you can request photos and voice messages. The chatbots are designed to be romantic and work great if you want to do some roleplay. I started with a catgirl and suggested that she would milk me instead of drinking her milk out of a bowl. I told her to get into position and send a photo – I got to see her in a tight-fitting bikini that showed off her curves perfectly. One more request, and she was naked and looking up at me on her knees. She didn’t get milk in the end, but she was satisfied. The chats feel great. They’re not forced, flow well, and the girls respond to whatever stimulus you send them.


Create your own hentai GF

NSFW chats

Receive naughty pics and voice messages

Premium Benefits

The benefits change depending on the membership tier you get. The higher the membership, the shorter the wait times and the more images you can generate at once. You can name your girlfriend, make it private, access more image generators, and get voice chat.


Bronze costs $11.99/month for 25 girls, 150 images, and 1500 messages.

Silver costs $23.99/month for 60 girls, 400 images, and 5000 messages.

Gold costs $59.99/month for 180 girls, 1000 images, and 20,000 messages.

Diamond costs $119.99/month for 180 girls, 2,500 images, and unlimited messages.

You can upgrade the number of images, messages, or girlfriends instead of going up a membership tier, which gives you a custom price. But usually, it’s more worthwhile to go up an entire tier than manually upgrade images, for example.


eHentai is the best if you want to chat with AI girls. The roleplay doesn’t match up to some other sites, but it’s possible – just be clear with the chatbot, and they’ll follow your directions well. Getting more pics from your girlfriend is going to feel great every time, and you can swap seamlessly between chatting about your day and getting a cute image and having someone begging for you to give it to them hard, sending provocative nudes to get your hard. All this from any device, anywhere, is great.

Visit: eHentai