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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


  • It’s all anime or hentai content (at least on the landing page)
  • Nearly 10,000 images to browse
  • Free AI generator at SoulGen


  • AIHentai only links to other AI porn tools
  • The generator isn’t as accurate as others
  • No way to filter the porn gallery



(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: aihentaico

AI Hentai delivers what all you guys who’ve finished all the mainstream anime series, most of the niche ones and are still obsessed with everything Japanese. That goes for porn too. It’s an AI porn generator that transforms your strange obsession with Japanese culture into cute, feisty or straight-up abusive chicks, one nude pixel at a time. If you’re over realistic girls and want to check out Lolis, interracial games and enjoy a free AI hentai generator you’ll get all the tools to make your own right here.

If you’ve checked this site before you should know that I’m a straight shooter. Much straighter than your little swimmers. So when I loaded up the site I had my screen plastered with some warnings about blocked threats from the site. There wasn’t anything serious but it’s a good sign you should have an ad-blocker and antivirus if you’re checking out any sort of porn site. The trust score is above 60% so I’m gonna risk it to satisfy your AI hentai porn needs. Now I think about it, I’m the condom to your fetishes, protecting you from any sort of disease. Now keep reading this AIHentai review with me as your all-enveloping plastic wrapping to keep you safe, king.

Checking out the Free AI Hentai Porn Library

Cause I like knowing where I’m about to sink the next few hours and a good cumshot, I always go to the gallery. It’s a good way to know the quality to expect and any limitations. The site is basic with a black and white theme. There are a few chicks with bubble butts that gave me a hard-on and the urge to visit the AI porn gallery. The gallery has about 10,000 images. That’s a decent user base but considering how many basement dwellers sleep with the body pillow of a fictional girl, I expected more.

There aren’t any options to browse by tag, category or anything helpful like that. You’d get RSI flicking through page after page of naked chicks. The AI hentai art generator has a very specific feel to it. It’s different from the other generations I’ve created in the past – sort of a 3D art style. The tits all looked fantastic and the shadows put it towards the realistic side. With that many images, they really need a way to filter through them. If I want to see some catgirls, gangbangs, or girls masturbating, I want to see it straight away. Not after three minutes of going through different pages.

I’m a Kinky Motherfucker, what can I do with

I just had a look at the most popular types of hentai in Japan. It had me gagging, but you can make that stuff yourself. As long as it’s not underage, you’ll be able to generate images that have your kink front and center. I’m talking MILFs with bulging tits you can only find in a fantasy world, latex-clad goddesses and recently-impregnated women with the first bulge showing through their lingerie dress.

There’s a random button in the menu that takes you to, surprise, a random image someone has generated. If you click them you can’t see any of the tags or prompts used to generate it. That made me stop scratching my balls and scratch my head instead. What site doesn’t show you that stuff for you to generate your own stuff? That’s when I found out the site is basically a promotion for other AI porn generators. The only difference is this one takes all the images from SoulGen and adds them to the gallery. What a letdown. I wanted a purely hentai-focussed porn generator. The other supposed generator tools like AI sexting went to another site and a review page.

So yeah. AI Hentai is a hosting site rather than the place you’ll go to create custom anime porn. Minus the functions that make it easy to filter or find the stuff in the first place. The good side is there’s no payment needed – so store away the oil-coated bills you earned at Mcdonald’s and save it for the strippers. That’s the most action you’re getting today my friend.

Using the (SoulGen) Generator for Good

Pretend you don’t care I’ve just spent my time reviewing a site that doesn’t let you do anything. I might as well let you know how the generator at SoulGen works. Fuck me, right? The free hentai porn generator only gives you two freebies and you can select from classic anime or real anime. The wait times are kind of long, but it’s working off prompts instead of tags so I’m prepared for that sacrifice. Remember what I said about saving your dough for strippers?

To start making whimsical fantasy or anime girls fucking and rubbing themselves raw, you’ll need to sign up for an account. I’ve used SoulGen a fair bit over the years, so it was like visiting an old friend with benefits. One that never ages and only gets hotter with age. Pro users can get 9 images back at once. I asked for a chick in the gym with tube socks, tight-fitting pants that show off her ass and a wet t-shirt. The image I got back was hot, but not exactly what I asked for. I wanted more ass, so I asked to see a fat assed chick showing off her pussy from behind. Now we’re talking – that pussy looked so tight I couldn’t help but rub one out.


Gallery of AI hentai

Create free anime porn images

Inpaint tools to edit images

Premium Benefits

Unblurred images, generate up to 9 pics at once, edit them, priority queue and 100 credits/month.




If you came to AIHentai expecting to be able to make some custom porn art images, I’m sorry to bring you the bad news: it’s a gallery or landing page, nothing more. I’m hoping they add in a few features themselves down the track. Until then you might as well head to my review of SoulGen to see why it’s a good AI porn generator and where it fails. There’s an AI chat feature there for people who want to have some fun with a horny robot. The gallery side of is great but for the love of god, if you have an AI website like this make it functional with ways to browse the images!

The images you’ll be making are decent, and there’s a realistic model if you came here with the idea of jerking off to anime pics but got bored after a while. I mean, there’s only so long you can stick looking at hentai girls before the need to see something more real takes over. But you’re the target audience, and when someone says ‘Aren’t you too old to look at cartoons’, grab your katana and scream they’re not cartoons, it’s art, and lock your door again. Problem solved.

Visit: aihentaico